Harvest Farm

We’re growing food. 

We’re making connections.

And we’re having fun doing it.

Our farm is located off of Fulford-Ganges Road in the Burgoyne Valley Community Farms.

The farm team is the most important reason why we’re doing this. We have summer students, volunteers and our vocational rehabilitation program Success Works.  Getting people back into a working schedule with meaningful work they soon gain the rewards of creating positive change in their community.

It’s pretty bad ass right?  Well, there’s more!

All of our produce is grown for the winter shelter program, Community Services programs, the food bank, a market by donation at our cafe, our cafe, cooking workshops, and anything else we can think up of.

Milo, he’s our farm manager.  He’s passionate about farming, teaching, permaculture, and serving the community.  You’ll see him either on the farm, chasing his dog Avo, or chilling’ with his sweetheart.

Here’s how you can help:

We’re always looking for farm tools, volunteers, donations, and ideas about workshops.

Please contact us if you have any questions, donations, or curiosities to what we’re up to.