Harvest Market

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Farmers Market Nutritional Coupon Program

Big impact:Assisting over 60 households in 2018
Key achievment:$21/ week per household
Improved access:Easy online application

This is a big one.

It’s a provincial wide program that supports lower income families and seniors to shop at their local farmers market while supporting the rise of income farmers are making. The Farmers Market Nutritional Coupon Program.

To receive coupons as a community member please fill out the application form here

This is how it works.

If you consider yourself a lower income family or senior or individual and need assistance buying fresh produce please fill out the application form linked here.  There are limited amount of spots available and applications are chosen by lottery. 

You’ll be contacted if a position is available for you and or your family.

If you are on the seasonal list you’ll be picking up your weekly coupons at our Harvest booth at the market.  The minimum amount of coupons is $21.00 for 22 weeks.  Coupons can be spent at all farmers booth to purchase fresh produce, cut herbs, meat, eggs, and cheese.  The purpose of the program is to increase home cooking and healthier food choices, so no preserves, breads, plants, honey, and flowers.

In return farmers have the coupons converted into cash at the end of the day by the farmer’s market manager.

Educational opportunities:

We also host cooking workshops at the market.  Preserves classes are hosted in September and October for coupon recipients. Indicate your interest when you apply.