Second Harvest

Check this out!

Major milestone:Officially one year of collections!
How it get's done:5 Amazing volunteers
Frequency:3 days a week pick ups

We’re making the effort to reclaim wasted food for good use!

Our grocery stores have a fast flow in and out of product, and we’re catching the food that get overlooked. 

Best before’ dates are not ‘Expiry’ dates and sometimes a little bruise on an apple, or a zucchini that’s too big or misshappen, doesn’t mean it’s a total loss. 

Most of the reclaimed foods are used for immediate community meals and donated to our community fridges set up around the island.

You can check out our 20 foot refigerated distribution container at the Harvest Kitchen Cafe where we store the collected foods. 

We collect food from Country Grocer, Thrifty’s, Tuesday Farmers Market, and local farmers.

Want to help?

If you would like to donate produce, or have fruit gleaning initiatives, please contact us and we can direct you further.